How to Fix Excel VBA Error 'Subscript Out of Range' Runtime Error 9

This article provides detailed solutions to fix the Excel VBA error 'Subscript Out of Range' Runtime Error 9, explaining the potential causes and providing recommendations for software tools to assist in resolving the issue. It also answers frequently asked questions related to the error and concludes with three essential tips for Excel VBA programming.

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By Nene Aly / Updated on March 4, 2024

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The Problem: Subscript Out of Range Runtime Error 9

The Excel VBA error 'Subscript Out of Range' Runtime Error 9 occurs when attempting to access an element of an array, worksheet, or workbook that does not exist or is out of the defined range. This problem commonly arises due to incorrect referencing or insufficiently defined objects in VBA code.

Possible Causes of Runtime Error 9:

1. Inadequate object declaration or referencing.2. Improper workbook or worksheet name specified.3. Mismatched array index or incorrect loop variable usage.

Solution 1: Review Object References

Follow these steps to fix the 'Subscript Out of Range' Runtime Error 9:

  1. Thoroughly check all object declarations and ensure they correspond to the correct objects in your Excel file.
  2. Inspect the code for any missing object references or undefined objects.
  3. Ensure that you have correctly qualified the objects using the appropriate hierarchy (e.g., workbook, worksheet, range).
  4. Verify that the workbook and worksheet names are accurate and spelled correctly.
  5. Use the Option Explicit statement at the beginning of your VBA code to force explicit declaration of all variables.

Solution 2: Validate Array Indexing and Loop Variables

Follow these steps to correct array index and loop variable errors:

  1. Double-check the array dimensions and ensure the index falls within the defined range.
  2. Review loop constructions and ensure the loop variable is set correctly and following the necessary increment or decrement pattern.
  3. Consider using the For Each...Next loop structure when iterating through worksheets or ranges to avoid array size limitations.
  4. Use breakpoints and debugging tools (e.g., Debug.Print) to track the runtime sequence and pinpoint the error location.
  5. Implement proper error handling techniques to gracefully handle unexpected errors and prevent abrupt termination of your VBA code.

Recommended Software: Excel Repair Tool

We recommend using the Excel Repair Tool to automatically fix issues within your Excel files. This software is equipped with powerful algorithms that can identify and repair various Excel-related errors, including the 'Subscript Out of Range' Runtime Error 9. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it an excellent choice for individuals dealing with Excel VBA errors.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: How can I avoid the 'Subscript Out of Range' Runtime Error 9?

A: To avoid this error, ensure that you define objects correctly, validate array indexes, and implement error handling techniques.

Q: Why am I getting the Subscript Out of Range error even though my code seems correct?

A: This error can occur if you refer to a workbook or worksheet that is not currently open or if you mistype the name of the object.

Q: Can I use debugging tools to identify the cause of the error?

A: Yes, you can use breakpoints or the Debug.Print statement to trace the execution of your code and identify the location where the error occurs.

Q: What is the purpose of the 'Option Explicit' statement?

A: The 'Option Explicit' statement forces explicit declaration of all variables, ensuring that you do not use undeclared variables.

Q: How does the Excel Repair Tool work?

A: The Excel Repair Tool scans your Excel files, identifies errors, and repairs them automatically. It can handle various Excel file issues, including VBA errors, and offers a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and usage.

Q: Are there any other software tools available for Excel error fixing?

A: Yes, other software tools like Stellar Repair for Excel and Kernel for Excel Repair are also popular choices for resolving Excel-related errors.


In conclusion, the Excel VBA error 'Subscript Out of Range' Runtime Error 9 can be effectively resolved by carefully reviewing object references, validating array indexing, and implementing error handling techniques. Additionally, using software tools like the Excel Repair Tool can significantly simplify the error fixing process. By following the solutions provided and considering the recommended software, you can overcome this error and ensure smoother execution of your Excel VBA code.


  • Always double-check object references and ensure they are correctly qualified.
  • Implement robust error handling techniques to gracefully handle errors in your VBA code.
  • Regularly update and maintain your Excel files to prevent potential errors and issues.
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