The Situations You Need WeChat Recovery

Recover your very precious memories

WeChat is an app for people communication, which may stored a lot of sweet memories that you want to keep all the time. However, there are many situations would result in chat history lost or deleted. MyRecover for iOS software can help you recover chat history in seconds.

Recover deleted important documents

Many people are using WeChat to negotiate booking term, quotation, cooperation, and other business. If those important communicate or documents are deleted by mistake, it may cause a big damage. MyRecover for iOS can help you recover the deleted data.

Recover virtual transactions

WeChat may include some transactions. As time goes by, you may forget the virtual of the transactions. When you realized the importance of the transaction, it was deleted already. MyRecover for iOS can help you recover the transaction history.

Recover chat history for evidence

You may encounter problems such as divorce, economic disputes, civil disputes, debt disputes, etc., and suffer from the loss of evidence. WeChat Recovery software can recover chat history, which may help you view or obtain evidence to protect your own rights and interests.

What Can Be Recovered from WeChat?

AOMEI WeChat Recovery can simply restore WeChat chat history including messages, photos, videos, audios, documents, transaction records, recall messages, etc.

Support Devices

AOMEI WeChat Recovery is fully compatible with all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. AOMEI WeChat Recovery is always the first one to fully support the latest iOS system.

Why Choose Us?

About WeChat Recovery

WeChat Recovery, a professional recovery software to recover WeChat chat history including messages, photos, videos, audios, documents, transaction records, recall messages, etc. It will scan the device data deeply and analyze device data fast to ensure your lost data from WeChat will be recovered quickly and completely. All of you can recover WeChat history easily, no IT experienced required.

Protect user privacy

No user information will be uploaded. User privacy is our top priority.

10 years experience

Developed by a team with 10+ years of data recovery development experience. It is reliable and trustworthy.

Easy to Operate

Intuitive interface and step-by-step guides make recovery easy. No IT experience required.

Support preview and export

WeChat Recovery supports preview, allows you to export and save it, which is convenient.

Steps to Recover Chat History from WeChat

Step 1

Download and install MyRecover for iOS on your computer, and launch it. Connect your iOS device with computer.

Step 2

Authorize to this computer and click Scan Now to scan the deleted WeChat chat history.

Step 3

The found data will be displayed here. Check the lost chat history, and click Recover to restore the deleted chat history.

What Our Users Say?



I use WeChat because of my job. Thus, I have many business trade history on WeChat. And yes, the bad things happened in a afternoon. My son had played with my working phone, and god, he deleted my chat history from WeChat unwittingly, and I need to find it back. I searched WeChat Recovery, and I used it to recover my virtual transactions successfully!



I deleted the chat history with my boyfriend on WeChat by mistake. There are a lot of photos and our sweet memories. I was very regret until I met WeChat Recovery. I try to use it to recover all the chat history, and I did it. Thanks MyRecover for iOS!



I have to say MyRecover for iOS help me a lot. I needed some evidence to prove myself, while the WeChat chat history is deleted. It’s AOMEI WeChat Recovery help me recovered the data, and get out of the “troubles”.