How to Recover Deleted Playlists on Spotify: Click Here!

This article will tell you how to recover deleted playlists on Spotify. If you are troubled with such a problem, click here to solve it.


By Zoey / Updated on May 23, 2024

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If you're into Spotify, you probably know about making playlists. Hours can go into crafting the perfect mix, so accidentally deleting one can be a major bummer.

In this guide, we will walk you through simple steps to restore your favorite playlists. From simple tips on Spotify itself to some not-so-complicated ones, we've got you covered.

So, how do I recover a deleted playlist on Spotify? Do not worry. Let’s recover music files effectively.

Why Did My Spotify Playlist Disappear?

Before using the "Spotify recover playlist" option, it's important to understand why your playlist might have vanished. Here are the main reasons:

  • Licensing changes
  • Syncing problems
  • App errors
  • Accidental deletion

How to Recover Deleted Playlists on Spotify: 5 Ways

If you deleted your Spotify playlist within the last 90 days, you can easily restore it using Spotify's "Recover Playlists" feature.

For playlists deleted more than 90 days ago, try these methods to get them back.

Way 1: Use Shortcut Keys

If you accidentally deleted a Spotify playlist, you can use keyboard shortcuts to undo the deletion.

Here’s how to recover a Spotify playlist with shortcut keys:

1. Log in to the Spotify app with your account credentials.

2. For Mac users: Press CMD+Z to restore the playlist.

For Windows users: Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+Z to recover the playlist.

Way 2: Download Spotify Recovery Software

How to find deleted Spotify playlists? A highly effective and fast method to recover Spotify playlists is using MyRecover. This top data recovery software can retrieve lost data from various storage devices, regardless of the deletion reason. It quickly restores your lost files.

  • Recover various audio files such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, APE, and other compressed formats.
  • Utilize advanced scanning methods: Quick Scan and Deep Scan to find all deleted and lost files on your chosen drive.
  • Handle various data loss scenarios: accidental deletion, unintentional formatting, system crashes, firmware bugs, virus infections, and more.
  • Filter and preview files by type, size, date, etc., saving you time and effort.

To swiftly recover your lost music files, click the Download Software button to install MyRecover on your PC. Then, follow the simple three-step guideline to recover your music files.

Download Software Windows 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

1. Hover the mouse over the drive on the home page, and click "Scan" to initiate the scanning process.


2. Once the Quick Scan and Deep Scan are completed automatically, you'll see your disappeared music files and other missing files. You can either input your music filename in the search box or utilize the Filter feature to quickly locate your music files.

scan lost data

3. Select a new location to store your music files. Then, click on the "Recover X files" button to recover deleted audio files.

recover lost data

Way 3: Restart Spotify

If the Spotify app is corrupted or experiencing software bugs, your playlists might get deleted. Restarting the app can help fix these issues and recover your playlists.

1. Right-click on the taskbar and select "Task Manager."

2. Go to the "Processes" tab and find the Spotify process.

3. Click "End task" in the bottom right corner to quit the application.

4. Restart Spotify to see if your playlists reappear.

Way 4: Log in to Your Spotify Account from Another Computer

If your downloaded playlist isn’t synced to your account, try logging in to Spotify from another device. Sometimes, issues like freezing can cause data deletion. Logging in from a different computer can help Spotify function properly and fix the issue.

1. Use your Spotify credentials to log in on another computer.

2. Check if your playlists are accessible and synced correctly.

3. If successful, this method can resolve the issue you've been facing.

Way 5: Contact Spotify Support

If all other methods fail and you still can’t recover your lost playlists or unhide a song, reach out to Spotify Support. Visit their official website and explain the issue. They can assist in restoring your playlists.

Bonus Tips: Precautions to Avoid Missing Spotify Playlists

Regularly Back Up

Make a habit of regularly backing up your Spotify playlists. This ensures you can restore files from backupif they get deleted unintentionally.

Download Playlists for Offline Listening

To safeguard your playlists, download them for offline listening. Spotify Premium users can download playlists, allowing them to enjoy their music without an internet connection.

Update the App to the Latest Version

Using an outdated Spotify app can lead to playlist issues. Always install new updates as soon as they become available to prevent problems and access your playlists without hassle.

To Sum Up

Recovering your Spotify playlists is now easier with this comprehensive guide. We've outlined five effective methods to help you recover deleted playlists on Spotify. Each method provides a quick way to access your lost playlists. Among them, file recovery software MyRecover stands out as the top choice, offering fast scanning for lost playlists and the highest recovery rate.

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