2 Ways | Recover Deleted Photos from Pentax Camera Easily

How to recover deleted photos from Pentax camera effortlessly? In this post, we will share 2 quick ways with you. You can recover your deleted/lost PEF files from the memory card with ease.


By Lori / Updated on May 16, 2024

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Can I Recover Data from Pentax Camera?

Losing photos from your camera can be a heartbreaking experience, especially for users or photographers who rely heavily on preserving captured moments. If you're a Pentax camera user, there's good news: Because of the way modern cameras and memory cards store data, it's often possible to recover deleted photos from Pentax cameras (including photos saved in the Pentax-specific PEF file format).

In this detailed guide, we’ll explore 2 effective ways to recover Pentax camera RAW images and delve into the nuances of working with PEF files.

How to Recover Deleted Videos/Photos from Pentax Camera

This section will provide you with 2 effective methods to recover deleted photos from Pentax camera. You can use third-party photo recovery software and Windows data recovery utilities as per your preference.

Way 1. Recover Deleted Photos from Pentax Camera with MyRecover

If your Pentax photos are permanently lost and you don’t have backups. The best way is to use reliable camera photo recovery software - MyRecover to help you recover deleted photos from Pentax camera effortlessly. It enables you to retrieve a variety of RAW data, including those from various digital cameras, such as PEF, NEF, ARW, CR2, and other file types.

  • Support various brands of digital camera memory cards (Samsung, SanDisk, Kingston, ADATA, Transcend, PNY, Lexar, etc.) and cameras (Sigma X3F, Nikon NEF, Fuji RAF, Olympus ORF, etc.)
  • Recover 200+ formats: recover deleted common photo formats (JPG, PNG, TIF, HEVC, GIF, PSD, SVG, ARW, X3F, etc.) and also recover lost Word document, Excel file, videos, etc.
  • Recover Pentax PEF image quickly with a high success rate. You can filter and preview them before recovery.
  • Support recover deleted files from SD cards, USB drives, internal/external hard drives and other data storage devices.
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How to recover deleted photos from Pentax camera easily? First, connect your memory/SD card to the computer. Next, download this professional Windows data recovery software to have a try, and follow the simple steps below to perform RAW PEF image recovery.

Step 1. Run the MyRecover and ensure your camera's SD card is connected to your computer. Then, hover the mouse over the memory card and click Scan.

Select SD Card

Step 2. It will run a Quick & Deep Scan to search all your lost photos. As the scan progresses, you can filter, preview, and organize the scanned files to find your desired images more efficiently.

Scanning SD Card

🤞 Tip: Preview or filter date depending on Files Type, Size, Date, etc.

  • Type: Select the file type (Images, Videos, Documents, Audios, Mails, Webpages, Compressed files, etc.)
  • Date modified: Set the date (today, yesterday, last 7/30 days, etc.)
  • Size: Filter the file size (<128KB, 128KB~1MB, 1MB~ 512MB, 512MB above, etc.)

Step 3. On the result page, select the photos like PEF images you want to recover and click Recover x files. Then, choose a new location to save the files.

Select Videos to Restore from SD Card

  • This PEF file recovery tool allows you to recover 500MB of lost or deleted photos from Pentax cameras or other storage devices for free. To enjoy unlimited file recovery, please upgrade to MyRecover Pro/Tech.
  • In addition, MyRecover can help you recover photos from Sony camera and other digital cameras like Canon, Nikon, Polaroid, Olympus, Leica, etc.

Way 2. Recover Deleted PEF Photos from File History

Recovering deleted PEF files can also be done through backups. If you have previously backed up your PEF photos, you can recover deleted PEF photos easily.

Step 1. Type file history in the search box and choose Restore your files with file history.

Step 2. Check if File History is on in the Control Panel and select Restore personal files.

Restore Personal FIles

Step 3. Select the wanted file such as PEF files and click on the green Restore button to recover RAW PEF images.

Restore Deleted File

Further Reading: More About Pentax Camera and PEF Files

Pentax Camera Types and Memory Considerations

Every Pentax camera since 2004 uses an SD card to store photos, including high-resolution PEF files. This consistency in storage solutions means data recovery methods remain consistent across models. Whether you have a new model that supports advanced SDXC cards (like the Pentax K-1) or an older model, the basic premise of photo recovery doesn't change.

What Is a PEF File?

PEF, or Pentax Electronic File, is a RAW photo file exclusive to Pentax cameras. These files are uncompressed and retain all RAW image data captured by the camera sensor. Unlike standard JPEGs, PEF files offer higher quality and more detail, making them ideal for post-processing. However, due to their complex structure, PEF files require specific software to view and edit.

How to Open and Manage PEF Files?

You can easily view PEF files on modern computers using applications like Windows Photos and Live Photo Gallery. For more advanced editing, software such as Adobe Photoshop, PENTAX PHOTO Browser, Corel Aftershot, and ACD System ACDSee are suitable options.

These applications provide powerful tools specifically designed to handle the depth of data contained in RAW files. If you are using Windows 10 or higher, make sure to install the Raw Image Extension from the Microsoft Store to easily open these files.

How to Convert PEF Files for Ease of Use?

For those who prefer a simple way to share or view images, converting PEF files to a more accessible format such as JPEG, BMP, or PNG may be the best option. This can be done using any major photo editing software that supports PEF input and the desired output format.

Common Scenarios of PEF Photo Loss and Recovery Solutions

1️⃣ Accidental Deletion: It's easy to mistakenly delete PEF photos from an SD card or computer backups. To recover these files, you can use a variety of tools depending on the situation, including Windows Recycle Bin, File History, or specialized data recovery software like MyRecover tailored for such tasks.

2️⃣ Improper Ejection: Removing the SD card from a device during file transfers can render PEF images inaccessible or lost. Similarly, unsafely ejecting the SD card can also cause data loss. However, if these files have not yet been overwritten, recovery is highly likely.

3️⃣ SD Card Formatting: Whether by accident or intent, formatting an SD card wipes all data, including PEF files. To recover these files, you can employ MyRecover, which is designed to recover files from formatted SD cards.

4️⃣ SD Card Corruption: Multiple factors can lead to SD card corruption, causing symptoms like showing as RAW, being undetected, unable to load photos, or prompting for formatting. Data from such corrupted SD cards can often be recovered using data recovery software, either before or after resolving the corruption issues.

5️⃣ Physical Damage to Device: Physical damage to the SD card of your Pentax camera may prevent normal recognition by computers and other devices, making photos and videos inaccessible. In such cases, professional or after-sales support should be consulted to explore the possibilities of data recovery.

How to Prevent Pentax Photos and Videos Loss?

If video loss occurs, trying to recover data from memory card using professional photo recovery software such as MyRecover is the best choice. To help prevent losing photos and videos from your Pentax camera in the future, here are some useful tips:

  • Back Up Regularly: Always have backups of your photos and videos. Use external hard drives and cloud storage for extra safety. Here, we highly recommend you try this free backup software for Windows - AOMEI Backupper Standard.

File backup

  • Safely Remove SD Cards: Always use the "safely remove hardware" option on your computer before removing your SD card. This helps prevent data corruption.
  • Format SD Cards Correctly: Occasionally format your SD cards in your camera (not on a computer) to keep them working well. Always back up your data first!
  • Use Antivirus Software: Keep your computer's antivirus software updated to protect your files from virus infection.
  • Keep Your Camera Charged: Make sure your camera battery doesn’t run out while it’s in use. A sudden shutdown can corrupt your files.
  • Protect Your Equipment: Use cases for your camera and SD cards to protect them from drops and harsh weather conditions.
  • Update Your Camera’s Firmware: Regularly check for firmware updates for your camera. Updates can fix bugs and improve your camera’s performance.

In the End

Losing photos can be disheartening, but with the right tools and techniques, you can recover deleted photos from Pentax camera easily. If you don’t have backups, we recommend using professional Pentax photo recovery software like MyRecover to get your cherished photos from Pentax camera back.

Download Software Windows 11/10/8/7/Server
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FAQs About Pentax Photo Recovery

1. How to recover photos from my Pentax digital camera?

Follow these steps to recover deleted photos from Pentax camera:

  • Remove the Memory Card: Take it out of your Pentax camera.
  • Connect to Your PC: Use a card reader to connect the memory card to your computer.
  • Install Recovery Software: Download and install recovery software like MyRecover.
  • Scan for Photos: Open the software, scan the memory card, and select the photos you want to recover.
  • Save the Photos: Choose where on your computer to save the recovered photos.

2. Is it possible to recover data from Pentax cameras connected directly to PC?

You cannot recover data directly from Pentax cameras connected via USB to a computer. Instead, remove the memory card and use a card reader for data recovery.

3. Can I recover photos from a formatted memory card?

Yes, many people have accidentally performed a quick format on their memory card. It is possible undo quick format on your devices and recover data with MyRecover in a breeze.

4. How to recover lost RAW PEF files from Pentax Cameras?

Once images are deleted from Pentax storage media, they typically cannot be retrieved easily as there's no built-in recovery process. To attempt recovery, use a Photo Recovery tool. It's crucial to stop using the SD card for any additional reading or writing actions, as this can significantly diminish the likelihood of successful recovery.

5. How to recover deleted PEF files on Mac?

If you have Time Machine enabled on your Mac before losing PEF files, you can use it to recover them:

  • Press Command and Space to open Spotlight. Type "Time Machine" and press Return.
  • Go to the folder where the deleted PEF files were stored and find your backup images.
  • Select the PEF files you want to restore and click the Restore button.
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