How to Recover Videos from DJI Osmo Camera | Guide

In our guide, you will get 2 efficient ways to recover videos from DJI Osmo camera.


By Zoey / Updated on June 25, 2024

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Can I recover videos and photos from DJI Osmo?

Drone cameras are ideal for capturing bird's eye videos and photos. Due to the preference given to this high technology, they are more commonly used in fields such as robotics, electronics, aeronautics, etc. Additionally, considering aerial perspective images taken, the results tend to be stunning.

In a situation where you lose such amazing photos and videos, solutions have been given to you in this article with which you can recover your DJI Osmo drone. You will be shown how to use the recovery tool, MyRecover, to finally recover your lost DJI Osmo data.

How to Recover Videos and Photos from DJI Osmo

Using the DJI Osmo is an incredible experience revealed in high-vision videos and photos that provide a better view than images from standard photography equipment. However, this cannot prevent the loss of your files. This means that if you lose any of your drone camera recordings, you will need other practical solutions to recover them.

The solutions provided here are focused on recovering lost camera recordings from both DJI Osmo and the SD card you use to save camera footage. You can recover deleted videos from DJI Osmo using the following methods:

Method 1: Recover Deleted Camera Recordings from DJI Go App

The DJI Go app is an app that monitors your drone in real time so you can see exactly what your drone's camera sees when you control it with a remote controller, even from a distance. When you use the app on your device, it saves all the videos and photos taken with your drone's camera, all on your device. The DJI Go app uses a video cache feature to temporarily save your videos and photos.

If you have the DJI Go app installed on your phone or tablet, try enabling video cache in your settings. Also make sure your phone or tablet has enough storage space so there's enough room to carry them all when the app saves your photos and videos. To enable video caching on your DJI Go app, follow these stepsto perform DJI file recovery:

1. Open the DJI Go app settings by clicking the three small dots at the upper right corner of the interface.

2. Enable app video cache with just one click. Also enable sound to improve the quality of your video.

Now follow these steps to recover DJI Osmo on your DJI Go app:

1. Open the DJI Go app on your phone/tablet and select “Editor”. This button is located at the bottom of the interface.

2. Select the photo or video cache you want to recover.

You should note that restoring photos or videos using the DJI Go app has its limitations. First of all, there is always the problem of lower video quality than the original recording that was lost. You may also find that your videos are having issues while playing. Again, cached video is usually not complete because the few seconds before your drone crashes or malfunctions are usually not recorded.

Method 2: Recover Lost Videos and Photos with MyRecover

The most effective way to recover deleted DJI video footage and photos is to use specialized DJI video recovery software.

If you accidentally deleted photos from your DJI OSMO camera SD card, the best way is to choose a professional photo recovery tool like MyRecover.

This DIY software has the potential to restore photos and videos with the same quality, resolution, original file name, timestamp and date.

This video recovery software supports file recovery from formatted hard drives, raw hard drives and crashed systems.

With this tool, you can be sure to recover your photos and videos regardless of the file format they come in, so it is unlimited recovery software in this regard.

With its easy to look at and easy to use user interface, you can recover your lost DJI Osmo files.

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Let the steps below guide you on what to do next:

Step 1. Install and launch MyRecover software, then connect the DJI SD card to your PC. Hover your mouse over the SD card reader and start scanning.


Step 2. Use filters like type, size, date modified, etc. to refine your search for video files. DJI uses MP4 and MOV formats; you can search and filter target formats to find them.


Step 3. Go to “Other Missing Files” > “Videos” folder, select the videos you want and click “Recover x Files”. videos, this software also supports recovering accidentally deleted photos from SD card.


Tips to Protect Your DJI Osmo SD Card from Data Loss

Do you know that you can protect your DJI SD card from losing media recordings such as photos and videos? You can. The tips mentioned below will be of great help to you if you follow them carefully:

  • Do not use the SD card you use in your DJI Osmo on another device. This ensures that you don't put your memory card at risk of being infected with malware on strange devices. Moreover, malware and viruses are the main factors responsible for video and photo loss.
  • If there is little space left on your SD card, you should not try to take more photos or make more video recordings. This will only cause problems for your storage.
  • Back up your media files from your SD card regularly. After that, format the card to restore it again and since you've already backed up your files, you'll have something to fall back on.
  • Always remember that it is not a good idea to take photos when your DJI Osmo battery is low. Make sure your drone battery is fully charged before using it for any purpose.
  • Again, it is important to pay attention to the type of SD card you are using for your DJI Osmo because if the card is not recommended or not compatible with your drone, you will only encounter errors and challenges which could cause you to lose your media files

By the eawnd of this article, you will agree that when it comes to DJI Osmo recovery, the components involved are not as complex as one might have thought. The solutions provided here are also the key to recovering those important photos and videos from your DJI Osmo. For completely recover deleted files from SD card in DJI, you have been shown the steps to follow to use MyRecover software.


The Osmo Pocket camera undeniably lets you take cinematic photos and videos with its powerful stabilization capabilities. Still, there are some challenges, such as a different design than traditional cameras and slow focusing when recording video, which may lead you to accidentally delete your media files.

Therefore, we have mentioned some proven methods to recover deleted photos and videos from your DJI Osmo Pocket camera. But when it comes to choosing the best method to recover your lost media files, we recommend using an effective photo recovery tool like MyRecover, which can recover most types of media files from DJI Osmo Pocket Camera in one go.

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