How to Recover VMDK Files: A Comprehensive Guide

This article provides step-by-step solutions on how to recover VMDK files, recommends software for the task, answers frequently asked questions, and offers important tips for successful file recovery.

Nene Aly

By Nene Aly / Updated on March 6, 2024

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Recovering VMDK files can be a complex task for users who have lost important data due to various reasons. This comprehensive guide aims to provide step-by-step solutions to recover VMDK files, recommend software options, answer frequently asked questions, and offer essential tips for smooth file recovery.

The Problem: Loss of VMDK Files

Many VMDK file users may face the unfortunate situation of file loss. This problem arises due to several reasons, such as:

1. Accidental Deletion

Users often delete VMDK files by mistake, leading to their loss from the system.

2. Disk Corruption

Corruption of the storage disk where VMDK files are stored can render them inaccessible or completely lost.

3. Virtual Machine Failure

In the event of a virtual machine failure, VMDK files may become corrupted or inaccessible, resulting in their loss.

Solution 1: Restore from Backup

To recover VMDK files, utilizing a backup is one of the most efficient and reliable methods. Follow these steps for successful recovery:

  1. Locate and access your backup source.
  2. Identify the specific VMDK files you wish to restore.
  3. Copy the relevant files to a secure location on your system.
  4. Ensure the restored VMDK files are configured correctly within the virtual machine hypervisor software.
  5. Test the restored files to verify their integrity and accessibility.

Solution 2: Use Data Recovery Software

If a backup is not available, utilizing data recovery software can be an effective way to recover VMDK files. The following steps outline the process:

  1. Select a reputable data recovery software suitable for VMDK file recovery.
  2. Install the software on your system, following the provided instructions.
  3. Launch the software and select the appropriate recovery mode for VMDK files.
  4. Scan the storage device where the VMDK files were located.
  5. Preview and select the desired VMDK files for recovery.
  6. Choose a secure location on your system to save the recovered files.
  7. Verify the recovered VMDK files for integrity and accessibility.

Solution 3: Seek Professional Assistance

If the above solutions do not yield satisfactory results or if you lack technical expertise, it is recommended to seek professional assistance. Data recovery specialists possess the knowledge and tools required to recover VMDK files.

Recommended Software: MyRecovery

One highly recommended software for VMDK file recovery is MyRecovery. This software offers:

  • Pros: MyRecovery provides a user-friendly interface, comprehensive file recovery options, and efficient performance.
  • Cons: The free version has limitations, and the full version requires a purchase.
  • Features: MyRecovery supports VMDK file recovery from all types of storage devices, offers various scan modes, and allows selective file recovery.
  • How to use: Install MyRecovery on your system, launch the software, select the appropriate scan mode for VMDK file recovery, scan the storage device, preview and select the desired files, choose a safe location for recovery, and verify the recovered files for integrity.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I recover VMDK files without a backup?

A: Yes, data recovery software like MyRecovery can help retrieve VMDK files even without a backup.

Q: What is the success rate of VMDK file recovery?

A: The success rate depends on various factors, such as the extent of file corruption and the efficiency of the recovery software used.

Q: Can I recover deleted VMDK files?

A: Yes, with the help of data recovery software, you can often recover deleted VMDK files.

Q: Are all data recovery software solutions compatible with VMDK files?

A: No, it is essential to choose a data recovery software that specifically supports VMDK file recovery.

Q: Are there any precautions to take during the file recovery process?

A: Yes, it is important to avoid writing new data to the storage device containing the lost VMDK files to prevent overwriting the recoverable data.

Q: Can I recover VMDK files from an external hard drive?

A: Yes, data recovery software can recover VMDK files from various storage devices, including external hard drives.

Q: How can I ensure successful VMDK file recovery?

A: It is crucial to stop using the affected storage device immediately to prevent further data loss and to follow the recommended recovery steps with precision.

Important Tech Terms

1. VMDK files: These are Virtual Machine Disk files used by virtualization software, such as VMware, to store virtual machine data.

2. Data Recovery: This refers to the process of salvaging lost, corrupted, or inaccessible data from storage devices.

3. Virtual Machine: A virtual machine is a software emulation of a physical computer that enables running multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single physical machine.

Helpful Tips

  • Regularly backup your VMDK files to avoid data loss.
  • Always use reliable and up-to-date antivirus software to prevent disk corruption.
  • Ensure proper configuration and maintenance of virtual machines to avoid failures and data loss.


Recovering VMDK files is crucial for users who have encountered file loss in the virtual machine environment. This comprehensive guide has provided step-by-step solutions, recommended software, answered frequently asked questions, explained important tech terms, and shared useful tips for successful VMDK file recovery. By following the outlined methods and utilizing the suggested software, users can regain access to their precious data efficiently and effectively.

Nene Aly
Nene Aly · Editor