How to create a bootable disk and recover data from a crashed PC in MyRecover.

MyRecover Post By MyRecover Updated May 21, 2024


In some situations, your PC might not boot into Windows caused by system errors or blue screen issues. In such case, how do we do data recovery from such a crashed PC? With MyRecover, you can not only recover data from a normal working computer but also from a crashed PC. To recover from a crashed PC, you can use MyRecover to first create a bootable disk and then boot the PC into WinPE to do the same data scanning and recovery process. It is a very useful and powerful program to recover data under Windows and under WinPE mode.

How to Create Bootable Disk in MyRecover

Before you do

  • Download and install MyRecover on a normal working Windows PC.
  • Attach a USB flash drive or insert a blank CD/DVD to your computer. If you neither have a USB nor CD/DVD, MyRecover also enables you to create a bootable WinPE ISO file, which can be used to boot your virtual machines or burn to other devices.

How to Create Bootable Disk in MyRecover Step by Step

Step 1. Launch MyRecover and click "Crashed PC Recovery".

Crashed PC Recovery

Step 2. Select a way to create the WinPE bootable disk according to your needs and click "Execute".


There are three ways available to create bootable disk based on Windows PE.
USB Boot Device: To create a bootable USB Device.
Export ISO File: Use this method to make a bootable ISO file. After the ISO is exported, you need to burn it with a third-party burning program. Or, you can use the ISO to boot some virtual machines or burn it to other devices.
Burn to CD/DVD: To create a bootable CD/DVD.
Here we take USB Boot Device for example.

Tips: "Add Drivers" allows you to manually add additional and necessary drivers into the bootable disk so that more devices will be available after you boot into WinPE.

Step 3. After you select the way and proceed, there will be a pop-up information window. The USB flash drive needs to be formatted and all data on it will lose. If there is important data on it, please first make a backup. If you confirm, please click "Yes" to continue.


Step 4. The creation operation will start and you can check the creation process. The progress of creating a WinPE bootable USB drive will take a few minutes.

Creation Process

Step 5. Once it is finished, you can will get a successful message. And, you will get a notice of steps to boot from the bootable disk and then recover from crashed PC.

Creation Successful

How to Use the Bootable Disk to Recover from a Crashed PC

With the above steps, a bootable USB has been created successfully. To recover a crashed PC, please first insert the bootable disk into this PC.
Step 1. Boot the crashed PC from the bootable disk.
To boot from the Windows PE USB flash drive or CD/DVD, you need to enter BIOS/UEFI and change boot order under Boot Menu. And, you may also need to disable Secure Boot under BIOS/UEFI. For different brands of computers, the key to enter into BIOS might be different. To boot from the bootable media, please check the instructions here.

Step 2. Data scan and recovery.
After you boot the PC from the bootable disk, you can easily start the data scanning process and then recover lost data under WinPE as the same steps of local data recovery in Windows.


Following the above steps, you can easily create a bootable disk With MyRecover. With the bootable disk, you can easily boot a crashed PC into WinPE and start the data scanning and recovery process. This is very helpful to save your lost data, especially when the PC gets corrupted.


Q: After you boot into WinPE, some devices cannot be recognized.
A: Maybe it lacks related drivers in the WinPE, you could click the "Add Drivers" button to add corresponding drivers when recreating the WinPE.

And, if your system is Win10 or above version, you can try to first download and then install Windows ADK and WinPE Addon if necessary and then create a bootable disk.