How to scan lost data in MyRecover.

MyRecover Post By MyRecover Updated December 6, 2023


You might encounter data loss in many cases, for example, some files are deleted by accident, files are lost after disk/partition format, important data is removed by an unexpected system crash or virus attach, and so on. These files might be very important for you so it is definitely necessary and worth recovering. In these cases, MyRecover might help you scan and find lost data. Once lost data is found, you can start the data recovery.

How to Scan Lost Data in MyRecover

Before you do

  • Download and install MyRecover on a Windows PC.
  • Connect the device you want to scan and recover to this PC.

How to Scan Lost Data in MyRecover Step by Step

Step 1. Launch MyRecover and all disk partitions with and without drive letters on your computer will be displayed in the main interface.
If you need to refresh the disk partitions and USB removable device information, please click the Refresh button.

Refresh Button

Step 2. Select the partition you want to scan and recover files and then click the "Start Scan" button. (Here we take H: as an example)

Start Scab

Step 3. Once the scan process starts, the real-time scanning progress and lost data will be displayed at the top of the interface. You can check the scanned files while scanning.

Scan Process


The scanning process is divided into Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Usually, Quick Scan takes very short time and our program will first list the deleted files and files scanned from Recycle Bin. After the quick scan is completed, the program will automatically perform a sector-by-sector deep scan, which lasts longer than the first scan. Please be patient during the scanning process and do not interrupt the scanning process if it is not necessary.

Step 4. You can view and browse the files you want to recover. And, you can narrow down the files you want to recover by searching for file or folder names, as well as filtering for file size, modification date and file type.



Following the above steps, you can easily scan files on your disk partitions and USB removable devices.
With MyRecover, you can also connect devices you need to recover files to one computer and then scan to find lost data.
If data can be found, it is able to easily recover in a few steps.

Since the lost data has been found, you can directly preview and recover the lost data you need.



  • If the partition/device you want to scan is not found, you can click "Can’t detect your hard drive" at the bottom left corner of the homepage to jump to the webpage for detailed instructions.


Q: Can't detect your hard drive?
A: MyRecover supports quick& deep scan and file recovery for NTFS, FAT and FAT32 file systems. Only deep recovery is supported for non-NTFS, FAT and FAT32 file systems. And, data recovery for USB removable devices with NTFS, FAT and FAT32 file systems, data recovery for the Recycle Bin, data scan and recovery for partitions without drive letter, dynamic volumes, Bitlocker-encrypted partitions are all supported. Currently, data recovery for unallocated space is not supported.
Q: What is the difference between quick scan and deep scan?
A: Generally, quick scan can scan and recover accidentally deleted files in a short period of time. After the quick scan is completed, the program will automatically perform a sector-by-sector deep scan, which is able to find more lost files, and this deep scan lasts for a longer period of time as compared to the first scan.
Q: What is the size of the supported hard drive by MyRecover? Can I recover lost partition from 4TB hard drive?
A: MyRecover does not have the practical size limit. You can recover partitions on a 4TB hard drive.