How to Preview and Recover Files in MyRecover.

MyRecover Post By MyRecover Updated December 6, 2023


With the help of MyRecover, you can easily scan lost data on your disk partitions and removable devices. After lost files are found with quick scan and deep scan, you can preview and recover files in a few simple steps.

How to Preview and Recover Files in MyRecover

Before you do

  • Please make sure the lost data is found after you run the Quick Scan and Deep Scan.
  • It is very important and useful to recover lost data. Before recovery, please first upgrade to MyRecover Professional or advanced version.

How to Preview and Recover Files in MyRecover

Step 1. Launch the program and scan the partition you want to recover. Please check instructions of the scan process here.

Step 2. Since the file on the partition have been found, you can directly double-click the file to preview it.


Step 3. If you would like to recover, please select the file and click the "Recover" button to recover it.


Step 4. To recover the file, you need to click the "Select Folder" button to select a directory on your PC to save the recovered file.

Select Folder

Step 5. The file will be recovered to the selected location once the recovery process is successful. After the file is recovered to the selected directory, you can normally view and edit it in Windows File Explorer.

Recover Result


Once the lost files are found after a quick scan or deep scan in MyRecover, you can preview the found files and recover them if needed.


Q: Can I recovery data from a damaged disk?
A: MyRecover can recover files on partitions if the disk is detected by your computer. If your disk is damaged physically, the lost data can't be recovered.
Q: Got a message "some hard disk drives may be locked by other programs". How to solve it?
A: Some programs may obstruct Partition Recovery detection. Please try to reboot your PC, and install the software. Or try to reconnect the storage device. If the issue is still here, please contact our support team.